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Benefits of Signing Up Online

HKVCA provides an easy, secure way to

  • register as a member
  • pay dues
  • renew membership

Questions or problems? Contact us by using the link at the top of this page.

Please Note

By signing up online, you're accepting that we'll use your email address to contact you regarding important updates and to provide a link to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter. (You can still print a copy for yourself by following the instructions that are provided with each issue).

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Important Steps

The registration and payment process is easy, but here's an outline of the steps you will be taking:

  • Click on the Register button below
  • Completely fill in the form that will be displayed
  • Note the message that will appear indicating you must check your email for an activation link
  • Check your inbox or spam folder, find the email, and click on the link
  • You will see a notice that you are registered (inactive until dues are paid)
  • Login and visit the PayPal link on the Payments page
  • Complete payment using PayPal or credit card and you will be registered as an "active" member

Already signed up or renewed last year using our paper form?

Go ahead and register online - we'll merge your accounts. To help us, please make sure to use the same first and last name as when you signed up before, and choose the same Region.

Already Paid Your Current Dues?

If you've already paid for the current year using the paper form, a payment using our online system is not needed. If you choose to pay online we'll credit your account with next year's dues.